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For too long B2B Businesses have been underserved and lacking the purpose-built tools to meet B2B digital business needs.

Not anymore. viax offers more digital business capabilities out-of-the-box than any other B2B platform in the market. That means that you can do a great deal more for your business without expensive and time-consuming custom development.

  • Deploy robust B2B capabilities on your own terms.
  • Empower your business stakeholders and enable a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Deliver the B2B experience that delights your customers and delivers results.
B2B digital business needs
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New Class of Software.

Run leaner with modular solutions. Roadmap better without having to re-platform.

Choose from our Business Capabilities based on needs. Continuously innovate with low-risk and speed.

New Class of Software.

What Can viax Do For You?

viax is a modular platform purpose-built to address the complexities of digital B2B through a collection of agile capabilities in our Digital Business Suite.

Transformation Leaders
Sales & Marketing Leaders
Technology Leaders
Accelerate Speed to Market & Revenue

Pilot things quickly.

Test and learn at no extra cost.

Get ahead of the competition.

Lead Your Industry by Growing Faster Than Ever

Improve conversions & time to cash.

Get a single view of pricing, inventory, & orders.

Keep growing & scaling at a speed of “wow”.

Cultivate a Lean & Fearless Culture of Innovation

Leverage an all-in-one innovation engine.

No hidden costs or limitations.

Gain tools that serve multiple channels.

Lead the Business to New Heights of Success

Gain speed & agility by using next-generation B2B practices & tools.

Fuel new customer growth through new ways of marketing & selling.

Raise the bar of customer satisfaction in your industry.

Give Customers White Glove Treatment

Save customers’ time by giving them access (self-service) to products 365/24/7.

Never lose a customer by offering interactive product information.

Build trust & loyalty through product & pricing transparency.

Give Sales & Marketing Teams Modern Tools

Enable consultative selling through our pricing engine.

Drive product engagement through powerful CPQ.

Deepen customer experience through product interaction.

Run Business on Your Terms

Eliminate integration overhead with our pre-built integrations.

Simplify commerce architecture, maintenance, support, & integrations.

Maximize existing talent & resources to focus on innovation.

Put Your Team in Charge of the Future

Gain flexibility & agility by leveraging skills your team already has.

Free your team to focus on tasks that matter most.

Find new talent by inspiring them with new technology.

Meet & Exceed Your Business Team’s Expectations

Plan growth, not upgrades.

Rest easy with scalable cloud architecture; minimal dev ops required.

Consolidate & unify technology to run a consistent & efficient business.

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